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Benjamin Franklin's curious life + FREE eBook

published9 days ago
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Greetings, friends! Today we share the remarkable life story of a famous founding father and give you an opportunity to enjoy one of our most popular eBooks for FREE! We are enjoying some time off. We don't return to cruising until late February. This winter break is great for some research and writing time. We have a pile of books waiting their turn to be read. We plan to add new non-fiction books to the nine already in our History Highlights Series. And, Bill is pushing towards finishing his editing on his historical novel.

History Presentation: "BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: A Curious Life"

Earlier this week, January 17, was the birthdate of Benjamin Franklin. We are excited to share with you history highlights of Franklin's captivating story. Join Bill for this fascinating 43-minute online multimedia video presentation. Benjamin Franklin may be one of the most impactful of the founding fathers. He was the only leader to sign the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Paris (to end the Revolutionary War), AND the U.S. Constitution. He led a truly remarkable life. Join Bill for highlights of his life, career, habits, and curious endeavors that shaped the young United States. Enjoy this video presentation for only $3 this week (January 21 - 27).



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THIS WEEKEND'S FREE eBOOK: "The Civil War Anaconda Plan"

Have you visited Vicksburg Military Park? The significance of Vicksburg in the Civil War is a story that is often lost in the pages of history. Confederate President Jefferson Davis said that Vicksburg was, "the nail that held the South's two halves together." Union President Abraham Lincoln said "Vicksburg is the key! The war can never be brought to a close until that key is in our valuable as New Orleans will be to us, Vicksburg will be more so." In this eBook, Bill explores the military strategy and impact of the Union's "Anaconda Plan" to control the river and ultimately Vicksburg. Enjoy a free download of this eBook this weekend only, January 21 & 22. And we ask that you please leave a review on Amazon for this or any of our History Highlights eBooks. Your review can help us to reach more people with our history books. Here's one review from an Amazon customer:

Bill Wiemuth has a witty, stimulating writing style, and coupled with thorough research, has given the reader a quick, one hour or so, survey of one of the most important strategies of the Civil War.


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