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The storied story of the Astorians

publishedabout 1 month ago
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In connection with this weekend's FREE eBook offer, we thought we'd share in this newsletter more details about the incredible story of the first United States efforts to settle and develop west of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy reading some of "The Astorians" highlights below:

In 1810 -- only four years after the triumphant return of the exploratory expedition led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark -- fur-trading tycoon John Jacob Astor funded an endeavor to expand his operations to the Pacific Northwest coast of North America and to establish a headquarters at the mouth of the Columbia River.

Astor dispatched two groups to the Northwest. One group departed New York by ship on a journey that required six-months to sail more than 21,000 miles to reach the Columbia River’s mouth. They rendezvoused with another group that traveled by land across North America.

Both the land and sea groups endured incredible challenges and hardship. Their dramatic efforts altered the history of the Pacific Northwest and ultimately impacted the western expansion of the United States.

Learning of the plan, United States President Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Jacob Astor, “Your name will be handed down with that of Columbus & Raleigh as the father of the establishment and the founder of such an empire.”

The effort of those brave entrepreneur trappers and traders yielded the first United States settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. Their dramatic and ill-fated efforts expanded United States claim to the Pacific Northwest. They thought nothing could restrict their success. But history records a dramatically different story.

This amazing and little-known story offers an incredible adventure tale. Join me to explore an fascinating true story of attempts to settle, claim, and develop the Pacific Northwest. You will discover the fascinating people, remarkable events, and dramatic impact.

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Get ready for a journey of discovery.

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